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TAt the outset, the MJR typeface (Font) is composed of solid lettering signifying trust, strength and durability. Yet, the J has been modified to give it a sense of flexibility. The J in the MJR flows with the times and has a contemporary feel to it.


The graphic elements composed of three ovals connote value, trust and eco-friendliness. Each one seamlessly integrating into the other depicting synergy of the three ideas. The three ovals are also an imagery of the cosmic balance as they portray the elliptical orbits of the solar system.
The solid blue in the logo is a reflection of the solidity and trust that are core MJR values.
While the three ovals symbolize:

Light blue

Transparency / vastness.
The intermingling of the two ovals forms a darker shade of blue: Trust that comes from either side – Company & Customer / Synergy with the cosmic balance.


Together these elements form an essence which is exquisitely captured in the tagline:

Living spaces that delight.